Hydroponic Suitable Seeds

Growing hydroponically is a great way to grow your own at home using limited space and without having to worry about the environmental conditions outside. Our range of HydroGarden indoor smart gardens allow you to grow a selection of vegetables, herbs and flowers indoors, and even out of season!

Whilst you can start almost anything in your Mr Fothergill's HydroGarden, you do need to take a few things into consideration if you wish to grow your crop to harvesting stage:

Height - Your indoor garden has a height restriction limited by the light so choose varieties with a dwarf/bushing habit. This usually means that the plant will not climb or grow too high.

Fruit size - Large or heavy fruits usually require support of some sort so may not be suitable for your indoor garden. Choose varieties with dwarf fruit to help keep the weight down and reduce the strain on your plants.

Root system - Root vegetables such as carrots, turnip and beetroot need to be sown in their final cropping position, they also require deep soil to grow so are unsuitable for growing in hydroponic indoor gardens.

If you are just wanting to use your HydroGarden to propagate seeds to transplant into the garden then there really are very few limitations other than root crops as mentioned above. We have trialled growing a range of vegetables, herbs, flowers and even trees in our HydroGardens and here are our suggestions on what you can grow.

Grow to harvest stage:

Herbs Vegetables Flowers
Basil Bok Choi/Pak Choi Alyssum
Chives Chilli Candytuft
Coriander Lettuce Catgrass
Dill Kale Cat Mint
Mint Mustard Catnip
Oregano Rocket Cornflower
Parsley Strawberry Dichondra
Sage Silverbeet Forget-me-not
Thyme Spinach Heartsease
  Tomato (Dwarf/Cherry) Lobelia
  Watercress Marigold
    Phlox (Dwarf)
    Sunflower (Dwarf)


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