The Benefits of Hydroponic Gardens

March 29, 2022

Hydroponic indoor gardens


In previous times, Hydroponic methods of growing food have been restricted to commercial farms or those that are well versed in building their own systems. Thankfully, at home units are now readily available and suited to gardeners of all capabilities. If you are new to the wonders of hydroponics check out our list of the benefits:


  1. Water Saving- Hydroponic gardens direct water to the delicate root zones, exactly where it is needed. This ensures moisture is not lost to evaporation or run off. Any excess water remains in a reservoir to be utilised later.
  2. Less Maintenance- Most systems will have a decent amount of time before you need to top them up with water again, which allows you greater flexibility with your garden. Some units have the nutrients and seeds built into the growing medium as well, all you have to do is pop in the pots, fill with water and wait for your delicious crops to grow. Hydroponic gardens feature ‘’soilless’’ mediums too that are free from weeds which is great news if you dislike this aspect of gardening!
  3. Fresher food- It is no secret that produce in supermarkets can be weeks old before they hit the shelves. Once you take them home, they often end up in the crisper, with some items forgotten and left to wilt. With hydroponic gardens, the food is always fresh as you harvest as required meaning those important nutrients and great texture remain.
  4. Mess free- Some people absolutely love getting their hands dirty in the soil, while others prefer things neat and tidy. Hydroponics use clever growing mediums that provide stability to the plants and aeration and moisture to the roots all while being mess free. Some use loose mediums such as vermiculite but for the ultimate mess free solution try out ones that feature refillable grow plugs or lingots.
  5. Great Growth- In hydroponic systems plant roots have untapped access to rich nutrients. This accelerates the speed of growth as the nutrients are not leached away. At home units are kept indoors too, which means even in cooler months you can expect great growth rates.
  6. Excludes Pests- Grow your food without the use of harsh pesticides as hydroponic gardens are kept safely inside away from many of those pesky critters such as caterpillars and snails. These can cause irreparable damage to plants.
  7. Portable- At home Hydroponic units are lightweight and portable, taking up very little counter space. This is a perfect way to garden particularly for short-term rentals or apartments. If you ever have to move homes simply take it with you and continue growing.
  8. No sun? No Problem! A frequent issue in many gardens and balconies is a lack of sunlight. This is common in urban areas where buildings and fencing shade out critical hours of sun needed to produce delicious veggies and beautiful flowers. Hydroponic gardens feature powerful LEDs that provide the necessary light to grow these crops, on timers too so they receive the optimal amount.
  9. Living Décor- Hydroponic gardens can be quite an attractive piece of décor in the home bringing some much-needed greenery inside. Many of the smaller annual flowers work well in these systems too so you can have a living centerpiece of blooms that will last much longer than cut flower arrangements.
  10. Grow All Year Round- Grow a range of herbs, veggies and flowers all year round no matter the season. You don’t have to say goodbye to that delicious Summer basil during the cold frosty months or have stressed bolting lettuce in the middle of Summer.

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