Lettuce Mixed Salad Leaves

Botanical Name: Lactuca sativa

800 seeds
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This delicious blend of different lettuce leaves form the basis of the traditional 'green salad' found along the Mediterranean. Herbs and edible flowers are frequently added. Individual leaves are picked when very young before any hearts develop, and the plants simply produce more in their place.

We hope you enjoy these vegetable seeds, just another great example of  vegetable seeds from Mr Fothergill’s!

Product Specifications
How To Grow

Sow a few seeds in each clump, 6mm (quarter-inch) deep. Cover with fine layer of seed raising mix or soil, water gently. Space rows 10cm (4in) apart. Feed with liquid fertiliser every 10-14 days. Water often as lettuce have shallow roots. Make successive sowings.

When To Plant

Spring and Summer.

Harvest 5-7.5cm (2-3in) high above the crown.
When to Sow/Plant Spring, Summer

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If you are not completely satisfied with these seeds Mr. Fothergill's will gladly replace them for free. Performance subject to growing conditions.

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