Companion Planting Seeds

Companion planting is the process of planting different varieties together in a garden bed that complement or enhance eachother, be it by improving the flavour of other crops or for warding off pests and diseases.

There are some compelling reasons to companion plant:
  1. Improve Soil Health - Some plants add nitrogen to the soil to boost other plants
  2. Fight Pests - Some plants naturally repel pests of other plants
  3. Improve health - Some plants increase the harvest, taste and health of plants
It's really all about diversity rather than a monoculture. The more companion plants you plant amongst your herbs and vegetables, the better the pest prevention and plant growth. This is because you are either masking the unwanted crop with other plants or because you attract beneficial insects that will snack on those pesky pests. 

Here's a list of common companion plant varieties.
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Modelling its method from nature, companion planting is a popular gardening practice that may improve plant growth, flavour and protection from pests by increasing diversity in your veggie patch. Planting companion plant seeds alongside your crops can facilitate the development of other seeds by delivering nutrients and beneficial bacteria to the soil. Many gardeners report that companion planting seeds may even make fruits, vegetables and herbs taste more flavoursome. 

Create a nurturing garden patch

You’ll find a fantastic variety of companion planting seeds from Mr Fothergill’s, each of which undergoes our rigorous germination testing to ensure it meets our high quality standards. A great companion to the tomato, our range of basil seeds can help produce a better yielding tomato plant and repel garden pests. Marigolds and nasturtiums also complement strong growth in tomato plants, as well as cucumbers, capsicum, zucchini and beans, Marigolds are also known for their insect repelling abilities, so they are great plants to grow near outdoor entertaining areas. Chives can repel pests like aphids from your lettuce, while mint and rosemary grow well with onions and carrots.

Shop Mr Fothergill’s companion plant seeds today

At Mr Fothergill’s, we offer Australian gardeners the most comprehensive selection of seeds in the market, as well as a unique selection of Spring and Summer flowering bulbs, garden accessories and gift lines. Buy Mr Fothergill’s companion plant seeds at all good garden centres and major hardware stores or from our easy-to-use online store today!

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