Heirloom Seeds

The Heirloom Garden range consists of old fashioned favourites recognised for outstanding productivity and taste. Heirloom seeds are open pollinated and have been passed down from generation to generation. They are true to type, meaning you can save seed from a plant and expect to get the same thing when you plant the seeds next season, unless they are cross-pollinated by other plants in your garden.

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Heirloom vegetable varieties are open-pollinated, old-time favourites handed down through the generations, usually possessing favourable traits attractive to the seed saver such as flavour, productivity or vigour/disease resistance.

Heirloom seed varieties exist in their truest and undisturbed natural form being unchanged for at least 50 years, or 100 years depending on which definition you wish to follow. Heirloom seeds are deemed by many to produce more flavoursome vegetables and fruits and have made a resurgence in the past decade. 

Grow delicious vegetables with heirloom seeds

At Mr Fothergill’s, you’ll find an extensive selection of heirloom seeds  from Australia and abroad. We offer the most comprehensive selection of seeds on the market, from green beans to beetroots, chantey and Paris carrots and a variety of heirloom tomatoes and radishes. Each seed variety undergoes a strict germination testing process to ensure that we only deliver the best quality seeds for growing at home in your garden patch. 

Shop Mr Fothergill’s heirloom seeds online today

Made for garden enthusiasts and green thumbs across Australia and New Zealand, Mr Fothergill’s has a range of carefully selected heirloom seeds, container seeds and companion growing plant seeds optimised for home growing conditions. You’ll also find an outstanding variety of plant bulbs, gardening accessories and propagation tools. Buy Mr Fothergill’s heirloom seeds at all good garden centres and major hardware stores or from our easy-to-use online store today!

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