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Peas are best planted in Autumn & Winter, whilst most Beans are best planted in Spring & Summer. As part of the legume plant family, pea and bean plants can also be used as soil-enhancing green manure. Just dig the plant into the soil after fruiting and it will release nitrogen and organic matter into the soil as it rots. Legumes are amongst the richest sources of plant protein, and they also provide dietary fibre, carbohydrates and micronutrients including folate, thiamin, manganese, magnesium and iron. For product specific planting information, simply refer to the specific product page.

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Pea and bean seeds are amongst our most popular vegetable seeds because of how easy and enjoyable it is to grow them. Eating home-grown peas and beans is one of the first successes for most gardening enthusiasts and a great first experience for little kids discovering the pleasure of getting their hands dirty in the garden.

Discover our seeds for growing peas and beans

When looking for bean seeds and pea seeds online, you will find a great range to choose from at Mr Fothergill’s. From very popular Snake beans to tasty climbing Mammoth melting snow peas, flavoursome damameColes dwarf broad beans to more unique varieties like Winged asparagus peas, plus many more options to suit any of your garden requirements or personal taste.

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We love gardening and want to share our passion with you by providing you with the best seeds and bulbs on the market. Our range of beans and peas seeds have been germination-tested three times before being approved for sale. In the unlikely event that our seeds don’t grow, we will replace them. So you can shop online or at all the best garden centres nationwide for Mr Fothergill’s seeds for growing beans and peas with peace of mind knowing that you are investing in a top-quality product that will deliver.

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