Organic Vegetable Seeds

Organic farming is about plant health management and disease prevention without the use of synthetic chemicals (pesticides and fungicides). By planting organically grown seed you can ensure your crops are 100% organic from start to finish, and you know exactly what has gone into your produce.

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Organic farming grows produce and seeds that have been managed and protected from pests without the intervention of conventional synthetic pesticide and fungicide chemicals. Using organic vegetable seeds can give you the reassurance of exactly what you’re eating and that no chemicals have tainted your produce. 

Enjoy fresh produce with organic vegetable seeds 

Made for garden enthusiasts and green thumbs across Australia, Mr Fothergill’s carefully selected organic vegetable seeds are optimised for home growing conditions. Discover delicious organic vegetable seed varieties like organic heirloom tomato seeds, spinach, cucumber, radishes and a range of herbs. Undertaking a rigorous germination testing process, we ensure that we deliver quality organic vegetable seeds that have been produced naturally and like the rest of the Mr Fothergill’s seed range are free from any sort of genetic modification. 

You’ll also find an outstanding variety of plant bulbs, gardening accessories and propagation tools to start nourishing and growing your garden patch.

Discover organic vegetable seeds online from Mr Fothergill’s

Quality is paramount at Mr Fothergill’s, that’s why we’re proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all  our organic vegetable seeds, in the rare chance that you find our seeds do not perform to your expectations, we will replace them for free. Buy Mr Fothergill’s organic vegetable seeds at all good garden centres and major hardware stores nationwide, or from our easy-to-use online store today!

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