Summer Produce

Winter and early Spring is the key season to plant Summer produce. Mr Fothergill's has an excellent range of produce bulbs that are seasonally available through most leading garden retailers, with select varieties also available online when in-season.

Bulbs are seasonal therefore only available at certain times of year, our Produce bulbs are available from June to September while stocks last.

Note WA and TAS customers: Due to complex plant health certification requirements we are currently unable to ship Summer produce bulbs direct to the public in WA and TAS. We apologise for any inconvenience. You can find our bulbs through our garden retailers in these states.

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When to plant Summer Produce


June to September is Summer produce planting season. When it comes to planting your potatoes pop them in the soil after the last expected frost in your area, just as Spring is arriving and the soil begins to warm. If you purchased your potatoes early or you live in a cold climate, it is helpful to chit or pre-sprout your potatoes before you put them in the garden. For northern climates particularly in Queensland potatoes are best off planted in the Autumn.

All of Mr Fothergill’s potatoes are certified seed potato. Despite the name, seed potato is not in fact seed but rather a tuber from the parent plant. Seed potato yields the best results compared to supermarket spuds. Produced in carefully controlled environments they are free from disease, which will result in abundant healthy crops for you and your family. For more information on how grow your potatoes and select the right variety for your garden click here.


June to September is also a great time of year to get your fruiting berry crops like raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, boysenberry and gooseberry into the ground in time for Spring. Starting from crowns and berry canes is the preferred way to grow. Not only will your crops fruit much faster from canes and crowns than seeds, you will also have access to a wide range of varieties, bred for the Australian climate. To learn how to grow and choose your berry canes click here.


Growing asparagus from seed can take many years to reach a harvestable size. By planting your asparagus from crowns you can speed up the lengthy process as they are supplied at two year old stage. Plant crowns from winter to early spring in Australia ensuring your soil is well dug and rich, adding aged cow manure and garden compost as needed.

Allow your asparagus to grow lush and leafy through the spring and summer, keeping it well watered and mulched. Apply some blood and bone or organic slow release fertiliser to encourage further growth. It is a great idea to let your crowns establish for a season or two before harvesting, as the shoots will become thicker and more robust over time.

Shop the extensive range of Summer produce bulbs, tubers, canes and crowns from Mr Fothergill’s and get your produce garden ready for a beautiful homegrown, seasonal harvest.

Shop Summer produce bulbs online

Mr Fothergill’s stocks a variety of Summer produce bulbs so you can grow and cultivate your favourite types of potatoes, Summer berries, greens and more. Our seasonally available bulbs and potatoes offer an easy to grow option with a high yield for any gardener, whether you’re an experienced horticulturist or an avid amateur. With our cultivated selection of Summer produce bulbs online, let your imagination run wild and create a planting full of delicious edibles. 

Discover Summer produce bulbs and so much more

Whether you want a practical garden full of edible produce and herbs, an ornamental delight bursting with blooms, or something in between, Mr Fothergill’s can help you with all your plating preferences. Shop Summer produce bulbs online and at all good garden centres and major hardware stores.

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