Propagation & Tools

Get a head start on the seasons planting, or simply make planting as easy as possible with propagation gear and accessories proven to aid gardeners.

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Whether you’re cutting, layering, dividing or budding, creating new plant life is an exciting way to grow your garden and flex your green thumb. Give your propagated seeds the best start in life with Jiffy® peat pellets and peat pots. Used by thousands of commercial growers the world over, Jiffy helps you grow strong healthy plants with strong roots, ultimately resulting in bigger and better harvests!

Find propagation supplies online to grow your own garden from scratch

Seed-starting or plant propagation supplies are essential for producing and transplanting healthy seedlings. Germinate your seeds with ease with our range of propagation tools and accessories. At Mr Fothergill’s we have a range of high-quality propagation supplies including Jiffy soil pellets and pots, greenhouses, hydroponic systems and heat pads. We also stock gardening accessories such as dibbers, plant tags and a comprehensive range of gardening tools to help you in the garden.

You can find all of these plant propagation supplies online here at Mr Fothergill's. For a helping hand with propagation and all other gardening-related advice, our team of expert growers are available to help beginners and seasoned gardeners alike.