How to Grow From Seed

June 3, 2021


1. Soil Preparation

  • Dig over your soil to the depth of your spade, removing weeds and debris as you go.
  • Improve the soil by adding compost or well-rotted manure.
  • Make a furrow about 15cm deep, sprinkle a little fertiliser into the base, then refill soil to almost the original level. Firm down and water well.

2. Sowing

  • The ideal sowing depth is about twice the diameter of the seed.
  • Sow seed along your furrow at the desired/recommended spacing.
  • Cover over your seeds with fine soil or seed raising mix.

3. Care

  • Keep soil moist until seeds start to germinate.
  • Thin out newly emerged seedlings at the two-leaf stage to prevent over crowding, leaving the strongest plants to mature.
  • Apply a liquid fertiliser at regular intervals (starting with a half dose on young plants) to encourage strong and vigorous growth.


  • Always choose a sunny position for your garden bed.
  • Smaller seeds can be grown in Jiffy pots or propagator trays, transferring them to the garden bed when easy to handle.
  • Seeds will not germinate unless soil temperature is adequate for that variety.
  • Always consult your seed packet for specific growing requirements.