Don't Forget These Companion Flowers For Autumn!

January 14, 2021

Some flowers have an important role in the garden beyond bringing colour and joy. They are also particularly attractive to bees and butterflies which we need to pollinate our vegetable crops. Some are also good companions as they help deter unwanted pests that can cause damage to our vegetable crops.

Here are 7 of the best companion flowers for Autumn:

1. Nasturtiums

Plant near your brassicas. Attracts beneficial insects especially hoverflies whose offspring (larvae) eat aphids. (Adult hoverflies feed on pollen and nectar.) Popular to our range: Nasturtium Empress of India, Nasturtium Jewel Double Dwarf, Nasturtium Peach Melba, Nasturtium Tip Top, Nasturtium Trailing Mixed Colours.

2. Marigold

They make great companions for beets & carrots as well as attracting beneficial insects.

Popular to our range: Marigold Boy O Boy, Marigold Carmen, Marigold Dwarf Double Mixed, Marigold Kee’s Orange.

3. Lavender

You will not only attract bees and other nectar seeking insects, but they love being next to cabbages, silverbeet and most herbs. You’ll find the scent also deters some pestsPopular to our range: Lavender English Dwarf, Lavender Hidcote Blue Strain

4. Calendula

The roots of Calendula plants have been known to work with soil fungi to clean contaminated soil.Popular to our range: Calendula Pacific Beauty Mixed, Calendula Orange Porcupine

5. Borage

If planted near your brassicas it is reputed to deter cabbage moths. Borage is also a bee magnet.

6. Chamomile

As well as making a nice tea, this flowering herb loves to have cabbages as neighbours. Chamomile also attracts beneficial insects like hoverflies and predatory wasps whose offspring eat aphids and other pests

7. Alyssum

It will attract nectar feeding pollinators of all kinds, including delicate green lacewings whose offspring voraciously feed on aphids.Popular to our range: Alyssum Carpet of Snow, Alyssum Aphrodite, Alyssum Royal Carpet


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