Starting Seeds in Jiffy

September 16, 2020

Jiffy propagation Products


When you use Jiffy® pellets and pots, you get happy, healthy, and strong plants - here are just a few reasons why thousands of commercial growers and home gardeners the world over love Jiffy:

Strong healthy roots, result in strong healthy plants - By using Jiffy pots or pellets you're setting your plants up for success. Unlike plastic pots that have a solid wall restricting roots, Jiffy is permeable so your plant's roots can grow through the wall developing stronger "free" roots. This allows your seedlings to maximise nutrient and water intake as soon as they are transplanted into their final growing position. The texture of the soil is also much finer than potting soil which makes it easier for seedlings to establish their root system.

No transplant shock - When your seedling is ready to be transplanted there is no need to remove the pot, simply plant the seedling pot-and-all in the garden. Your plant will settle in much quicker and can get to work putting its energy into growing rather than repairing damage to its roots.

Get a head start on the growing season - An early start means an extended harvest season! Jiffy is the perfect way to get a head start on the planting season. Start your seeds indoors using a Jiffy reusable greenhouse and then transplant into the garden when the weather is suitable. Their small size also makes them ideal for succession planting when space is limited.

Safe for children - All Jiffy products are heat treated and free from harmful micro-organisms making them particularly suited for kids and people with allergies.

No mess, no fuss - Forget the hassle of mucking around with heavy bags of soil, Jiffy is lightweight and easy to store until needed. Jiffy soil pellets are compressed so take up a fraction of the space of the equivalent seed-raising mix. Simply rehydrate with water to get sowing and when it's time to transplant, simply plant the pot and all!

Superior water retention - Being made from peat or coir, Jiffy pellets offer a superior water retention capacity compared to potting soil. Peat is also full of nutrients making it the perfect seed-raising medium. 


The Jiffy range includes pots and soil pellets. The Jiffy netted peat pellets act as a pot and soil all in one, simply add water and they will expand to seven times their size, the netting holds the soil like a pot but is still permeable allowing roots to grow freely.


Why not try Jiffy for yourself? Check out the Jiffy propagation range here.


Jiffy is so easy to use, in just a few simple steps you can get sowing.


How to use Jiffy Peat Pots and Pellets


Watch how The Gardenettes use Jiffy to make growing from seed even easier.



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