Vigoroot Pots 5 Litre

3 x 5-litre Pots
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The Vigoroot pots are suitable for a wide variety of herbs, flowers and shrubs as well as exotics and smaller-sized vegetables. At the end of the growing season they can be washed in cold water, thoroughly dried, folded away and stored for the following year.

The magic of Vigoroot fabric comes from its ability to ‘air-prune’ the roots of plants, dramatically changing their formation and their ability to sustain the plant in a limited volume of compost. It encourages more vigorous rooting, which enables the plants to absorb more nutrients. It prevents the roots from growing too long, and helps prevent plants from becoming ‘pot-bound’ which would normally limit the plants’ growth. This means that your plants can grow to a much larger size in a relatively small pot. The super strong root system also helps the plants to become more resistant to harsh weather, pests and diseases.

Helpful hint: Super efficient root systems = hungry plants so plants will need to be regularly fed with a suitable fertiliser (particularly if they have been growing in Vigoroot for a year or more).

Contains 3 x 5-litre pots

Each pot measures: 18cm H x 18cm D

Vigoroot pots last approximately 3-6 years depending on conditions.

Made from recycled polyester, PET bottles and clothing fabric.


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