Turk's Cap Lily - Lady Alice (season: Aug-Sep)

Botanical Name: Lilium hybrid

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This charming lemon, yellow and apricot shaded flower features strongly recurved petals and a delicate fragrance. Stunning addition for any garden or vase.

Product Specifications
How To Grow

Turks Cap Lilies are renowned for their stunning blooms, longevity and ease of growing. With tall strong stems that can produce 10-20 blooms per stem these Liliums are a worthy addition to your garden. Turks Caps will take a full sun position but will obtain greater height and better flower colour in part shade as they are more of a woodland type of plant. The addition of lime to the soil may be required, but like all Liliums a well drained compost rich soil is essential. Turks Cap Liliums are best left to naturalise. An application of fertiliser each year in Spring will help to maximise the potential of these beautiful blooms.

When To Plant

Winter / early Spring

Flowering Summer
When to Sow/Plant Spring, Winter
Important Note

Our bulbs are seasonally available at leading garden retailers nationwide. Spring flowering varieties are in peak season February to June, and Summer flowering varieties and produce from June to September. Please contact your nearest garden retailer for availability.

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