Tree Lily Beverly Dreams (season: Aug-Sep)

Botanical Name: Lilium hybrid

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This giant Lilium has the potential to grow to almost 2 metres tall once established, producing large blooms on tall sturdy stems. A truly magnificent backdrop for any garden!

Product Specifications
How To Grow

Tree Lilies (also called ‘Orienpet’ or ‘OT Lilies’) are relatively new additions to the lily world, produced after years of efforts to combine the sublime beauty of the Oriental Lilies with the more garden persistent, heat tolerant and colourful Trumpet and Aurelian hybrids. So the OT stands for Oriental Trumpet for the parents these lilies are hybridized from. They are often called Tree Lilies or King Lilies as they can reach a majestic height of 200cm in a couple years, carrying 12 massive blooms on each sturdy stem. The blooms have more of a trumpet shape than Oriental lilies, but are highly perfumed, just like their Oriental parents. Best planted in a permanent position in the garden, as they will become more floriferous over a couple of years.

Plant:20cm deep, 30cm apart in full sun, part shade and protect from strong winds.

When To Plant

Winter / early Spring

Flowering Summer
When to Sow/Plant Spring, Winter
Important Note

Our bulbs are seasonally available at leading garden retailers nationwide. Spring flowering varieties are in peak season February to June, and Summer flowering varieties and produce from June to September. Please contact your nearest garden retailer for availability.

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