White Button Mushroom Kits

February 10, 2016

Mr Fothergill's White Button Mushroom Kits come with everything you need to grow fresh mushrooms in your home! By following the three easy steps below you can have fresh mushroom kits growing and ready to eat in 3-5 weeks!

These kits are seasonally available at select Bunnings Stores Nationwide. RRP $25.00. Unfortunately we can't ship our White Button Mushroom kits due to their size and weight. As these mushroom kits are a seasonal item, please contact your local store to check availability.


To grow, follow these 3 easy steps

Keep kit out of direct sunlight. A wardrobe, garage of laundry is a good spot.

  1. Open the box. If the compost looks brown, close the kit and leave it for a week. Once the compost is frosty white continue to Step 2.
  2. Open the plastic and evenly spread the casing over the compost, leaving it loose and fluffy. Leave the kit open.
  3. Every 2-3 days mist with water. After two to three weeks mushrooms will begin to form. Twist each mushroom out, removing any remaining stump. Fill in holes with surrounding peatmoss.




  1. Where do I put my kit?
    The ideal temperature is between 20°C to 25°C. You can use a cupboard, under a bed, wardrobe or even under the stairs: somewhere that gets some fresh oxygen. If it is wintertime you will want to keep it somewhere where the temperature is steady and warm. It doesn't have to be in complete darkness.
  2. My kit has not started to grow?
    After you have put the casting/peat layer on top it will take 3 weeks before you see mushrooms coming through. This may even take longer if you are in a colder climate.
  3. How much water should I give my kit?
    The top of the kit should be damp like a wet sponge, but not dripping. Be careful not to overwater: you don’t want the mushroom compost underneath to get wet.
  4. White stuff has started to grow through the top layer?
    This is called mycelium, which shows your kit is healthy. You can break this up by using a fork to scratch the top of your kit, to a depth of 1cm. Then even out the surface of your kit with your hand. This usually happens when the kit is under watered, so increase your watering. (ref to FAQ 3)
  5. I had my first crop then it stopped growing?
    Please be patient and don't over water. We are dealing with a living organism: please be patient. Mushrooms fruit in ''flushes'' so there can be a gap between first harvest to second harvest with the amount reducing each flush as the nutrients in the compost are depleted. 
  6. I have mushroom growing around the outside or over to one side. How do I get my kit to even out?
    In time you will find the mushrooms will start grow in these other areas.
  7. I have little flies around my kit?
    These flies are attracted by the compost. Spread some olive oil with your finger around the lip of your kit or use a sticky gnat trap: the flies will get stuck to this and die out.
  8. How long will my kit last for?
    Generally speaking the kit should produce for around 3 months.
  9. What do I do with the compost when the kit is finished?
    You can put the compost in your veggie garden or in your garden beds to improve the soil.
  10. When should I pick my mushroom?
    That is completely up to you, and what size mushrooms you like to eat. A mushroom will double in size in a 24 hour period. But just remember the bigger the mushroom, the less number you will have.
  11. Is there something I can add to the compost to get more mushrooms?
    No, the compost gets too mature to grow any more mushrooms.
  12. When is it the best time to grow mushrooms?
    Mushrooms can be grown all year round in the right environment.
How to Grow Button Mushrooms