Golden Rosemary WILDFLOWER

Botanical Name: Oxylobium ellipticum

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An attractive shrub producing masses of golden pea shaped flowers. The delicate golden clusters bloom during Spring and early Summer. 

Plants are frost hardy and drought tolerant. Ideal for cool mountain regions in Australia. 

Plant Height: 3m

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Product Specifications
How To Grow

Hot water treatment is recommended for germination. Freshly boil a kettle of water and allow to stand for a few minutes until it is no longer bubbling. In a heatproof container carefully pour the boiled water over the seeds and soak overnight.

Repeat the treatment on any seeds that have not swelled. Sprinkle seeds on the surface of a good quality seed raising mix. Cover the seeds to the depth of the seed width and lightly firm. Do not bury too deeply. 

Place pots in a partly shaded area to keep them from drying out. Maintain a warm temperature, ideally 18-22°C and keep moist at all times. In cooler areas it may be beneficial to cover pots and trays with clear polythene to retain moisture and warmth.

In the right conditions germination commences within 10-21 days. For ideal results it is generally best to avoid sowing Wildflower seeds in the hottest and coldest months. 

Wildflower Seed Starter Granules are recommended for use with sowing wildflower seeds. Smoke treatment can assist with germination and results in stronger seedlings, helping to improve their survival rate after germination. 

For seeds that require soaking in water before sowing, simply add the starter granules to the water with the seeds. 

When To Plant

All year round avoiding the hottest and coldest weather.

Flowering Spring to early Summer.
When to Sow/Plant Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Soil Type well drained, sunny position

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