Darlac Stainless Steel Hand Weeder

224 grams
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The Darlac Hand Weeder, also commonly known as a Daisy Grubber is a weeding tool that’s ideal for levering out deep-rooted weeds with ease. This gardening hand tool is a traditional weed puller that features wide prongs and a generous fulcrum that is specifically designed to help effectively deal with weeds such as daisies without the need for any harsh gardening chemicals. It is also excellent at removing bindies and other ground cover weeds.

Featuring an ergonomic rubber handle with hanging hole, and a stainless steel head, this daisy grubber will be a favourite in the garden for many years to come.

Product Specifications
  • Weight 224g
  • Overall length 340mm

The Darlac Guarantee

Every DARLAC garden tool is thoughtfully designed for maximum quality at a sensible price. We are happy to offer a limited "lifetime" guarantee against original defect in workmanship or materials. In the unlikely event that you encounter a problem covered by the guarantee, return the product and subject to inspection, we will repair or replace it.

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