Tomato Seeds

Tomatoes are one of the most popular garden vegetables - and not surprising due to the numerous varieties available now. From the small-fruited cherry types to the monster beefsteak forms; tomatoes come in all shapes, sizes & colours – Mr Fothergill's has a tomato seed variety to suit every kind of garden.

How to grow Tomatoes

In temperate climates, sow indoors from mid-winter using either seed trays, peat pellets or small pots. Once two true leaves have formed they can be planted out, provided the risk of frost has passed. For outdoor cultivation sow in late August to October. In tropical areas sow May to July. Stake as soon as transplanted to avoid disturbing roots.

Pinch out side shoots regualrly to contain the plant. Water plants regularly at soil level and remove lower leaves as they discolour. Feed plants every 2 weeks with a high potassium liquid fertiliser and seaweed soloution.

For more advice on how to grow tomatoes from seed refer to our Tomato Growing Guide here.

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