Bonsai Starter Kit - Jacaranda

Botanical Name: Jacaranda mimosifolia

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Growing Bonsai from seed is a very rewarding experience giving you 100% control from the earliest stages of growth. This bonsai kit comes with everything you need to start growing your very own Bonsai from seed.

Kit includes: 4 x Biodegradable pots, Soil pellets, Jacaranda Seeds and Growing Manual with comprehensive growing instructions.

Product Specifications
How To Grow
  1. Hydrate your peat pellet with water
  2. Sow your Bonsai seeds
  3. Place in a sunny position
  4. Water when necessary

For comprehensive instructions, refer to the instructions booklet included in your kit, or download below.

Download Instruction Booklet

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Jacaranda Bonsai Growing Tips

Commonly referred to as Blue Jacaranda, Jacaranda mimosifolia is a surprisingly hardy deciduous tree. This sub-tropical species originating from South America is now grown all across Australia and makes a striking bonsai specimen, particularly when the masses of violet flowers emerge in the Spring and Summer.

Due to their natural sub-tropical climate Jacaranda are relatively simple to germinate compared to other species of trees. The woody, oval shaped seed pods begin to appear after the flowering season and hang from the trees or fall to the ground. Inside these exterior pods are the light papery seeds.

The ideal planting time is in Spring and Autumn when it is neither too cold or too hot. Jacaranda germinate the best in temperatures of about 20-24°C and can take two to three weeks to sprout. Mature trees will slow down their growth in the Winter dropping most of their leaves. For Winter sowing of your Bonsai we recommend sowing pots indoors inside a mini greenhouse to keep the soil warmer which will mimic their natural growing season.

Additional Tips

  • Soak your jacaranda seeds in a shallow dish of water overnight prior to planting and then continue with your sowing instructions.
  • Check your pots daily, particularly in warmer weather as they will need to be monitored for moisture. The medium will turn a light brown colour when dry which indicates they need more water. Choose a fine shower setting on your hose as too strong of water pressure may wash away the small seeds.
  • It is advised to place your pots in a bright location, but out of direct sunlight to begin with. Direct sunlight may dry out your potting soil quite quickly which can lead to a reduction in germination rates.

Our Seed Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with these seeds Mr. Fothergill's will gladly replace them for free. Performance subject to growing conditions.

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