Véritable® Indoor Garden FAQ's

What are the key features and benefits of Véritable® Gardens?

  • An indoor smart garden that is autonomous, compact, very easy to use and patented. It adapts easily to your interior and has a water reservoir with a water level alert. The plant refills are ready to use, you do not need to plant the seeds or add nutrients, everything is already integrated in the Lingot®.
  • The speed of growth and the pronounced flavour of the plants. This is due to our horticultural LED lighting (blue and white) which develops flavours and accelerates growth.
  • A large quantity of aromatics and an extended duration of harvest. Our Lingots® have a large surface area 3 to 10 times higher than other indoor garden growth mediums and you harvest most of our plants over 4 to 6 months making Lingots® the most economical refills on the market.
  • The possibility of growing up to 4 plants at the same time.
  • Our wide range of plants of aromatic herbs, baby-vegetables, edible flowers, and baby herb salad. At present, the Australian range consists of 12 varieties with more to follow.
  • Our independent adjustable lighting poles. These give you the option to grow plants of different sizes and at different stages of growth.
  • All Véritable® products are designed, made, assembled, and packaged in France. We have carefully chosen the best materials and finishing touches by working with experts in their field.
  • The products are eco-designed, they contain no unnecessary packaging, recycled and/or recyclable materials, biodegradable, and compostable refills. Véritable® works every day to uphold these ecological and eco-responsible values.


What is the difference between CLASSIC and SMART Véritable® Gardens?

We have two models available with differing technologies:

The CLASSIC Garden can be grown in a room with little exposure to the sun.

If you want to place your garden in a sunny room, choose the SMART Garden as it automatically modulates the intensity of its lighting according to the ambient light, to bring the right amount of light to the plants and thus guarantee optimal growth.


What does the Véritable® Garden box contain?

Your Garden is delivered with all the accessories for an immediate start:

  • The Véritable® Classic Garden and the Véritable® Smart Garden both include 4 Lingots® ready to use
  • The power supply
  • The user manual


What is the energy consumption of the Véritable® Garden? Does it work with a battery?

The Véritable® Garden is very energy efficient, it consumes 9.5W when lit.

The unit operates on a 240v power supply, it does not run on a battery.


How is Véritable® Garden ecological?

  • Véritable® enables you to cultivate at home, healthy plants without GMOs, pesticides, fungicides, or other treatments harmful to humans and the environment.
  • Uses water with precision. The automatic irrigation system allows the plant to use the water according to its needs without losing a drop!
  • Thanks to its high-performance horticultural LED lighting, it is very energy efficient and consumes only 9.5W of electricity.
  • Lingots® (refills) are compostable and biodegradable.
  • The packaging is printed with vegetable inks and is recyclable. No superfluous packaging is used.
  • Choosing the Véritable® Garden is a great choice for local and responsible consumption without any transport because the producer is you!


Does the Véritable® Garden make noise?

The Véritable® Garden is silent because it does not use a pump but instead uses a watering system by capillarity called "passive hydroponics".


How do I know when to add water?

When the water level of the reservoir is low, the LEDs of the Garden blink slowly to warn you.

To fill the reservoir simply pour the water into the central hole of the Garden until the float rises and closes this hole (approx. 2L is needed to fill the reservoir).

As soon as you start filling the reservoir, the Garden will stop blinking and turn back on normally.

Important: the float only indicates the maximum water level, it does not indicate the low level. To fully enjoy your Véritable® Garden’s autonomy, wait for the LEDs to blink before filling the reservoir.

What type of water can I use to fill the reservoir?

You can use tap water or rainwater.

We do not recommend the use of demineralised water as minerals are essential for the good development of plants.


How long can I go on holidays without putting water in my Véritable® Garden?

Véritable® Gardens are autonomous for up to 4 weeks. The autonomy of the reservoir may vary depending on the size of your plants and the temperature of your room.

This is how the autonomy of the Véritable Garden evolves:

1) New Lingots®: 4 weeks

2) Young plants: 2 to 3 weeks

3) Adult plants: 1 week

Before you leave, be sure to fill the reservoir of your Véritable® Garden to the maximum level. Harvest your plants before leaving, so they will consume less water.


Where can I put my Garden?

Your Garden is designed to be used indoors, in your kitchen, living room, or any other well-ventilated room, at a temperature between 19°C and 30°C. The temperature of your room and the humidity rate influence the growth of your plants. The hotter it is, the faster your plants will grow.

The Garden does not need sunshine to work, so there is no need to put it near a window. You can even place it in a room without a window. Avoid placing it on a verandah in Summer, near a radiator, near constant air conditioning, a source of pollution (e.g., laundry).

Place it on a flat, stable surface near a power point.


When and how can I clean my Garden?

We advise you to clean your Garden every 4 to 6 months when you renew your Lingots®. You can clean the reservoir and lid by hand with soapy water and a soft sponge. If your water is chalky, use warm white vinegar to descale.

Never immerse the reservoir, lighting poles or power adapter in water.

The Lingot® baskets and the float can be placed in the dishwasher, taking care to remove the watering wicks first.


Why is the lighting blue and white?

The horticultural lighting of the Véritable® Garden comes from 2 years of research & development. The combination of high-performance white and blue LEDs enables photosynthesis and develops the flavours of the plant, while accelerating the growth to provide you with a maximum harvest.

These LEDs are also associated with optical lenses that focus the light on the plants for even more efficiency and a neat design.


Does the Véritable Garden stay switched on all the time?

Your Véritable® Garden turns on and off automatically every day making it very energy efficient and easy to use.

When plugged in, the light turns on for 16 hours and then goes off for 8hours.


How to adjust the lighting cycle?

The lights turn on every day at the time you've connected your Véritable Garden the first time. For example, if you connect at 7:00, it will turn on at 7:00 every morning and turn off at 23:00.

To change the time: unplug the AC adapter for 10 seconds, and then plug it in at the desired time.


Why are there 2 adjustable lighting poles?

The Véritable® Garden has two independent, height-adjustable lighting poles giving you the option to grow plants of different sizes and at different stages of growth.

Growth rate and lifespan depend on each species. Thanks to the two independently adjustable poles, you can place new Lingots® on one side of the vegetable garden while keeping adult plants on the other.


Does the artificial lighting affect the taste and nutritional value of my plants?

Yes, your plants will have an intense flavour as the LED lighting system provides them with a specific light spectrum to develop their taste. This technology provides light output close to sunlight and allows for ideal plant growth in all seasons.

In addition, their nutritional value is optimal because they are untreated plants that you consume freshly harvested.


What is the lifespan of the lighting?

The Véritable LED lighting system has a lifespan of 60,000 hours which is approx. 10 years in normal operation (at 16 hours of lighting per day). You do not need to replace it.

After 10 years of use, the light intensity will gradually decrease. However, if necessary, spare parts are available from Mr Fothergill’s Seeds, the distributor.



What is the composition of a Lingot®?

Lingots® are patented 100% biodegradable and compostable refills.

They are guaranteed to be free of GMOs or pesticides.

The Lingots® contain:

  • a natural substrate adapted to hydroponics
  • seeds already planted
  • essential nutrients

The substrate is composed of coconut fibre and peat. These plant materials are renewable resources. The honeycombed texture of Lingots® enables optimal rooting and oxygenation, which guarantees fast and healthy growth of your plants.

The seeds used in Lingots® are certified organic where possible, this is indicated on the packaging.

The nutrients integrated in the substrate are constituted of mineral salts and trace elements essential for growth and assimilated directly by plants. They are dosed precisely so that the plant uses them entirely during its life cycle.


How long does it take for my plants to grow? How long do I have to wait before the first harvest?

Thanks to the Véritable® Garden technology, plants grow 2 to 3 times faster than in a garden. Some plants can be harvested from 3 weeks. The speed of growth depends on the species and the temperature of your room.


What is the lifespan of a Véritable® Lingot® once planted?

Once planted, a Lingot® enables you to harvest your herbs generously for up to 4 to 6 months. The duration of a Lingot® depends on each species and how you harvest.

To know the life cycle of each Lingot® refer to the packaging of the Lingot®.

After 4 to 6 months, depending on its condition, you can compost your plant, or transplant outdoors.


How long can I store my Lingots before use?

You can keep your Lingots® for up to 1 year from the date of purchase before using them. It is recommended to use your Lingots® in the year of purchase for maximum efficiency.

Store them in a cool, dry place, in their original packaging. The ideal is to place them in an airtight box in the vegetable compartment of your refrigerator.


How much will I harvest?

Thanks to the performance of the Véritable® Garden, you will harvest on average one bouquet of aromatics per week for 4 to 6 months. The quantity you will harvest is therefore much higher than a traditional pot of herbs.

In addition, thanks to our specific lighting, the plants of your Véritable® Garden have enhanced tastes, so you may not need to use as much as usual in your cooking.

In a Véritable® Lingot®, you harvest up to 4 times more than with other hydroponic gardens, the cultivation surface of the Lingot® is 3 to 10 times bigger and its lifespan is longer.

Depending on the type of plant, the temperature of your home, the humidity rate and the way you harvest your plants, the amount harvested may vary.


How should I place my plants in my Véritable® Garden? Which are the plants to put side by side?

As they do not share the same soil, all your plants are compatible with each other. However, for optimal growth, follow these 5 tips by referring to the indication on the packaging of each Lingot®:

  • Arrange plants of similar species side by side
  • Arrange plants of similar size side by side
  • Arrange plants of similar growth speed side by side
  • Prune the plants that shade the others so that each one accesses the light correctly.
  • Adjust the height of the lighting and harvest your plants with the aim of maintaining a space of at least 4 cm between the plant and the LEDs


How do I properly harvest and prune my plants?

Your plants need to be pruned and harvested regularly to give you the best results.

To properly harvest your plants and allow them to regrow each time, follow these 3 tips:

  • Wait for the plant to grow at least 10-15 cm before the first harvest.
  • Harvest 1/3 of the plant at the most each time so that you do not weaken the plant.
  • Collect the oldest leaves first (usually the biggest ones)

And do not forget to harvest just before consuming for optimal freshness!


What are the nutrients made of and what are they used for? Can I use my own compost or seeds?

The nutrients integrated in the Lingots® are used to nourish the plant so that it grows. All plants need mineral elements, they are indispensable for their growth.

In our Lingots®, we use mineral salts similar to those found in nature (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) directly assimilated by plants and compatible with our hydroponic system. These nutrients are transformed by the plant.


Why do I have to use Véritable® Lingots®? Can I use my own potting soil or seeds?

The Véritable® Garden has been designed as a global technology that makes growing plants as simple as possible. Lingots® are an integral part of this autonomous and efficient system and are specifically adapted to our passive hydroponic system.

Using something other than Lingots® in the Véritable® Garden is not viable for these simple reasons:

  • Unlike potting soil, the Lingots®' substrate is specifically developed to assure optimum oxygenation and root anchoring in a small space. It acts as a sponge compatible with our capillary irrigation system always creating an ideal moisture level.
  • The Lingot® already incorporates nutrients adapted to the needs of each plant, allowing regular harvests for a period of 4 to 6 months.
  • The varieties of plants in the Lingot® range have been selected for their pronounced tastes, their productivity and their adult size adapted to the dimensions of the Véritable® Garden.

With these Lingots®, you can grow your plants in a simple and clean way. No need to have a green thumb to succeed!

Use of soil or other non genuine pods will void your warranty.


How do I dispose of the Lingots®?

Lingots® are 100% compostable so you can throw them in your own compost bin or your garden bin. Lingots® are 100% biodegradable as it's made of 100% coco fibre, seeds and mineral nutrients.