Calla Lillies

September 7, 2021

Calla Lily Grow Guide

Calla Lillies are a wonderful bulb to grow in the garden this Spring. They are a low maintenance perennial producing long lasting richly coloured tubular flowers in late Spring to Summer. The plants thrive in both cool, temperate and tropical regions making them an all-round favourite for Aussie gardeners.

For best results with your Calla Lillies choose an area that receives full sun or part afternoon shade. Plant the rhizomes in free draining soil or a medium sized pot with good quality potting mix; they do not tolerate wet feet or waterlogging. You can improve your garden soil with plenty of compost and pre-planting fertiliser, one that is rich in potassium and designed for flowering plants is ideal.

Make sure you keep the water up to your plants in the heat of Summer and they will thank you with beautiful blooms. Once flowering the pot can be brought inside to a sunny window for you to enjoy or you can even harvest as a long lasting cut flower to use in floral arrangements.

Mr Fothergill’s have an exciting new range of Pot Calla Lillies that produce a striking display of flowers in the first year. This brand new range of virus free varieties include Pot Sunset, Pot Pink Blush, Pot of Gold, Pot Red Robin and Pot of Snow. With this fun and colourful range you are sure to find the best hybrid to suit your garden theme. Perfect for growing in pots, garden borders or mixed flower beds and in the right conditions can also be grown indoors!

Also new this season are the spectacular purple Calla Grape Velvet, the deep black Odessa and the sweet pink Garnet Glow.

Calla Lillies are a seasonal bulb available as part of our Summer Flowering Bulb range which is available in stores and online from August to October each year.

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