10 Easy Edibles To Grow

November 8, 2015

10 easy edibles to grow

There are lots of veggies that are easy to grow but here is our pick of the top 10 easy edibles. Even if this is your first attempt at growing veggies or if you have tried with mixed success, get out this weekend and give at least one of these veggies a go. It really isn’t hard and it can also be very rewarding!

  1. Leafy Greens: such as lettucepak choi and spinach are great for growing in small spaces or pots. In a matter of weeks you could be picking ingredients for a yummy salad. The best tip would be – pick, pick, pick! Picking the leaves will prevent the plant from bolting and extend harvest.
  2. Radishes: can be grown even in poor soil and small spaces and you will see seedlings appear within 2-3 days. Radishes come in a range of colours from red to white and even different shapes. If you are feeling a little fancy you can have a go at harvesting these as Microgreens.
  3. Herbs: there are lots of herbs out there but you will find that basil, coriander, parsley, chives and rosemary will grow pretty much anywhere. These can be planted into pots or right in the ground around your larger plants. Picking your herbs will help them grow but make sure you don’t pick them bare. If you end up with more herbs than your family needs, there are lots of things you can do with the excess such as drying them, infusing oil, freeze or even give them away.
  4. Cherry Tomato: what is better than a perfectly ripe homegrown tomato? Ok, you’re not going to be picking tomatoes right away but cherry tomatoes ripen faster. Give your plant some climbing room, sun, a little fertiliser and the taste will be worth the wait.
  5. Chillies: love to be nice and warm so make sure you position them in a sunny spot. Once you start to see flowers you know your chillies are on their way. Chillies can be hot to mild, red to purple and big or small, so find one that suits your taste buds.
  6. Silverbeet: also known as Swiss Chard is super easy to grow and it is reasonably frost and heat tolerant. You won’t need to plant too much silverbeet as one or two plants will be plenty for the average family. This is most definitely a cut and come again veggie and the coloured silverbeet is a great way to get the kids eating their veggies.
  7. Cucumber: growing cucumbers is easy if you follow a few basic rules. Cucumbers and cool weather don’t do well together so keep them warm. Not only do they love the warmth but they also love water so be sure to keep them moist and even more so when they start to fruit. Make sure you give them something to climb on and also a good strong compost mix. These are a great addition to any meal.
  8. Zucchinis: give them full sun, good soil and plenty of water and the fruits will seem to appear before your eyes. One or two plants will be enough to feed a family and you can even get a golden coloured zucchini.
  9. Beans: will produce very rewarding crops. Keep your beans well watered and make sure you pick your beans regularly to encourage new flowers. There are so many different types of beans out there including dwarf varieties.
  10. Carrots: grow well in deep soil but can also be grown in pots. To avoid getting some very odd shaped carrots make sure you use a good quality loose and non-rocky soil. Carrots are great in any meal and you can get all sorts of colours and shapes.

I’m sure we listed one or two veggies that you buy for your meals each week, so why not have a little fun and save a little money buy growing your own veggies at home.