Botanical Name: Telopea speciosissima

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An upright shrub up to 3m high native to New South Wales. The large blood red flowers occur in a tight cluster at the ends of the erect stems from mid Spring to early Summer. The Waratah is one of Australia’s most spectacular native plants and make an ideal cut flower.

We hope you enjoy these Wildflower seeds, just another great example of  seeds from Mr Fothergill’s!

Plant Height: 3m

Product Specifications
How To Grow

Sow in warm areas at any time. In colder climates wait until the danger of frost is over. Sow by pressing seeds in the soil surface, direct where they are to grow or into seed trays filled with a moist quality seed raising mix. Cover very lightly, water and then keep evenly moist. It is beneficial to add Mr Fothergill’s Wildflower Seed Starter granules to soil surface. Place in a warm shaded position to germinate fully. Transplant to final growing position when about 7cm (3”) - avoid disturbing the roots. Grow in full sun or part shade in most soil types. Water in well and then regularly until established but avoid fertilisers that are not designed for Australian natives.

Seedlings emerge 14-28 days.

When To Plant

Spring, Summer and Autumn

Flowering Spring
When to Sow/Plant Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

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