Little Gardeners Pizza Garden Starter Kit

Botanical Name: Solanum lycopersicum; Ocimum basilicum; Capsicum annuum

3 packets
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3 packets of seeds: Basil, Tomato Sweetie, & Capsicum California Wonder
3 Peat Pots
3 soil mix pellets
3 popsicle sticks for plant tags
Booklet with easy growing instructions & activities

1) Place one soil mix pellet in each pot and place the pots on a saucer.
2) Pour warm water into each pot, letting the pellet absorb all of the water. Then pour in a bit more water. In a few minutes, the pellets will turn into soil and fill the pot.
3) Press half a fingernail deep hole into the soil. Put a couple of seeds in each hole and cover with soil.
4) Cut out the plant pictures on the box where marked and glue them onto the Popsicle sticks to make your plant tags.
5) Mark your pots with the plant tags, then place them somewhere warm but not in direct sunlight. Keep the pots moist but not too wet. After about 7-14 days look out for the seedlings!
6) Plant the seedlings in a sunny spot in the garden when they are about 8cm tall and when any risk of frost has passed. Plant the pot and all, making sure the pot is fully covered with soil. Leave a space of 50-75cm between each plant.
7) Water your plants regularly and feed them with liquid fertiliser every 2 weeks.
8) Pinch off any side shoots off tomato plants so they will focus their energy in growing more fruit. Pick basil leaves regularly to encourage bushy growth. Support both capsicum and tomato plants with canes or trellis.

These instructions are the same as the ones you will receive with your starter kit! So if you happen to lose them just come back here!

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