HydroBoost Hydroponic Liquid Fertiliser 100ml

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HydroBoost has been specifically formulated for use in hydroponic systems that use vermiculite or perlite and that do not contain any slow release fertilisers. Ideally suited for use in our HydroGarden All-In-One Grow Kit.

To use HydroBoost, shake the bottle well and add two capfuls (6ml) into 1 litre of water. Use this solution to fill up your water reservoir. We recommend emptying the reservoir at each refill to keep the water fresh and fertiliser balance correct. (dispose of old water in your garden or potplants). Repeat this strength of fertiliser at each full refill until harvest.

Typical Analysis: NPK: 5:2:9 - Nitrogen (N) 5: Phosphorus (P) 2: Potassium (K) 9 plus macro and trace minerals to make a complete and balanced fertiliser.

HydroBoost can also be used as a liquid fertiliser in the garden at a ratio of 10ml HydroBoost per 1 litre of water.

Note: Not suitable for use in HydroGarden Elite or Veritable Indoor Gardens as they contain fertiliser in their growing mediums. Use of additional fertiliser may cause nutrient imbalances that may be detrimental to your plants growth.

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Important Note HydroBoost is suitable for home hydroponics systems such as HydroGarden Classic. We do not recommend using HydroBoost in hydroponic setups with growing mediums that contain fertilisers as it may alter the nutrient levels causing damage to your plants. HydroBoost is a hydroponic fertiliser and is therefore not suitable for use in soil.

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