Sprouting Broccoli - BULK BAG

Botanical Name: Brassica oleracea

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Broccoli sprouts look very similar to Alfalfa but are much stronger in flavour and taste more like spicy Radish.

This BULK BAG of Broccoli Sprouts contains 100g of seeds. They are supplied in a labelled ziplock bag instead of our usual branded retail packs. All Mr Fothergill’s Sprouting seeds are GMO free and microbiologically tested to be free of pathogens such as e-Coli and salmonella.

According to various researchers, Broccoli Sprouts contain up to 1,000% more nutrients than mature broccoli (which in itself is classed as Superfood due to high levels of nutrition)! These small plants are in the cancer research limelight for their unique ability to exert 50 times the amount of cancer fighting power of broccoli. Broccoli sprouts have been linked with various health benefits such as removal of carsinogens and prevention and destruction of cancer cell production, amongst many others. Nutrients from sprouts are easily absorbed into the system because they also contain potent digestive enzymes.

Product Specifications
How To Grow

Growing in a Mr Fothergill’s Kitchen Seed Sprouter:
Spread about 1 tablespoon of seeds in one or more of the four clear plastic trays. Stack the clear trays on top of the bottom tray. Pour enough water into the top tray to cover the outlet. This will commence the siphon action and water will drain down through each of the trays and outlets. When finished draining, empty any excess water from the bottom tray. The water that stays in the clear trays is enough to provide the necessary humidity for successful seed germination. Water in this way at least 2-3 times each day.

Growing in a jar:
Place about 1 tablespoon of seeds in a large jar or similar container. Cover the opening of the container with a fine clean cloth and secure with a rubber band.
Add enough warm water to completely cover seeds and soak overnight at room temperature. Next day, pour off excess water through the mesh cloth. Add fresh water to
thoroughly rinse and drain. Rinse and drain sprouts at least twice a day.

Larger sprout varieties will take up to 5 days before they sprout. Ensure they are kept moist.


When to Sow/Plant Spring
Soil Type well drained

Our Seed Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with these seeds Mr. Fothergill's will gladly replace them for free. Performance subject to growing conditions.

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