Aster Kingsize Appleblossom

Botanical Name: Callistephus chinensis

150 seeds
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Large double flowers on tall stems. Easy to grow for beds and borders. Ideal as a backdrop to smaller plants. Perfect for cutting

We hope you enjoy these Flower seeds, just another great example of  seeds from Mr Fothergill’s!

Product Specifications
How To Grow

Sow in seed trays or punnets, 5mm (¼”) deep, or direct in flowering position. Plant 45cm (18”) apart, waiting until frosts are over. In hot weather, spread a mulch or compost over the soil surface to conserve moisture and keep roots cool. Asters require plenty of water during their growing and flowering season. Seedlings emerge 10-14 days.

When To Plant

Spring to Summer

Flowering Flowers: 16 weeks
When to Sow/Plant Spring, Summer
Soil Type well drained

Our Seed Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with these seeds Mr. Fothergill's will gladly replace them for free. Performance subject to growing conditions.

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