Broccoli Spigariello (Leaf Broccoli)

Botanical Name: Brassica oleracea

Approx 250 seeds
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Also known as “Leaf Broccoli”, this Southern Italian variety is grown for its delicious leaves. They can be cooked and eaten like spinach with a flavour similar but milder than Kale. Easy to grow and very productive, pick leaves as required or harvest the whole plant. Flowering heads should be removed as they appear to extend harvesting.


Product Specifications
How To Grow

Sow in Late Summer to early Winter. Spring too in cool regions.

Sow thinly, but firmly, 5mm (¼in) deep in a well prepared garden bed which has already been watered. Plant in rows 45cm
 apart. Seedlings usually appear in 7-10 days.

Thin out to 30cm between plants when seedlings are about 10cm tall. Harvest 8-10 weeks from sowing. Pick leaves as required or
harvest the whole plant.

When To Plant Late Summer/Early Winter
How To Cook

For Italian sautéed Spigariello, first blanch the leaves in boiling water and then sauté them in hot oil before seasoning with salt,
pepper and garlic. Sprinkle with vinegar and serve warm.

When to Sow/Plant Autumn

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Cooking Tip

Cooking Tip



Bitterness can be tamed by washing the fruit well, removing the seeds, marinating in salt for at least ½ hour before cooking, squeezing the juice out or boiling cut pieces in a water & lemon solution.