Onion Early Californian Red Seed Tape


Botanical Name: Alliumcepa

This mid-season maturing variety has delicious white flesh of mild flavour. The large red, flattened globe shaped onions are great for cooking or salads.

We hope you enjoy these tape seeds, just another great example of seeds from Mr Fothergill’s!

How To Grow

Sow in well cultivated soil and sunny position. Separate the strips and roll out into prepared rows that are 5mm (1/4”) deep and 30cm (12”) apart. Cover with soil and keep moist. Thin seedlings to 10cm (4”) apart when large enough to handle. Seedlings emerge 10-14 days. Onions are ready for harvesting when the tops dry and fall over.

When To Plant

Autumn to Early Winter.


24-30 weeks


5 metres



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