Hydroponics & Smart Gardens

Grow smarter with the help of Mr Fothergill's hydroponic smart indoor gardens. Growing indoors has never been easier for the home gardener with our cleverly designed indoor hydroponic systems.

Indoor hydroponics systems have grown in popularity over the past few years as more and more people wish to grow fresh produce in the comfort of their own home. With gardens becoming smaller, and more people living in high density housing, the HydroGarden range by Mr Fothergill's is the perfect option for those with limited space and natural light. 

These smart hydroponic gardens look after all your plant’s needs with a grow light on a timer to provide a natural day/night cycle, and water level indicators so you know when to top up the water. Simply sow your seeds, add water and let your smart garden do the rest. 

Véritable Indoor Garden is the newest addition to the range, packed full of clever features to make growing a breeze whilst enhancing flavours and harvest size. Using 100% natural seed lingot refills, Véritable Indoor Garden is truly a set-and-forget smart garden.

The HydroGarden Elite contains smart soil pods to fertilise your plants as they grow! 

The crisp modern design of the HydroGarden makes it an attractive feature for any room or keep it on the kitchen bench to add fresh produce direct to your cooking.  You can even go on holidays without the worry of your plants not being watered! 

If you are looking for a smart and stylish indoor hydroponic garden system, then the Mr Fothergill's hydroponic smart indoor garden range has got you covered. 

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What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics may seem like a new, super-efficient method of growing plants, but it has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Hydroponics is simply a method of growing plants without soil. Usually, plants obtain nutrients and water from soil. They have to expend energy competing with weeds and other plants for these resources. But with hydroponics, resources can be more evenly distributed directly to the plants, allowing them to put more effort into growing and yielding rather than fighting for nutrients. 

How can I grow hydroponic vegetables indoors?

Do you want to grow your own vegetables but don’t have the room at home for your own veggie patch? An indoor hydroponic garden is a space-saving and highly efficient way to grow delicious, home-grown vegetables. At Mr Fothergill’s, we proudly stock a range of indoor hydroponic supplies that are great for home gardeners and young kids wanting to learn more about the science of growing plants. Begin growing your own herbs and vegetables indoors with a hydroponics kit from Mr Fothergill’s. 

How long does it take to grow hydroponic vegetables?

Because hydroponic garden plants use less energy to search for food and water than they would if they were planted in soil, they can put more energy towards growing and yielding a delicious harvest. With the right hydroponic equipment, you could have leafy greens ready for eating in as little as 3 weeks and veggies in as little as 6 weeks.

What vegetables, herbs and flowers can I grow hydroponically?

You can start almost anything in your Mr Fothergill's HydroGarden, but if you wish to grow them to harvesting stage there are a few things you will need to consider such as height, fruit size and the plants root system. Our favourites to grow are dwarf fruiting crops such as cherry tomatoes, chillies and strawberries. Leafy greens grow well hydroponically such as lettuce, bok choi and spinach. Grow herbs such as basil, parsley, mint and dill hydroponically so you have them at your fingertips whilst cooking. If you're more into flowers then there's a huge range of varieties suitable for your HydroGarden such as Pansy, Viola, Alyssum, Dichondra, even dwarf Sunflowers!

For more ideas on what to grow, check out our Hydroponic Suitable Seeds range.