Seasonal Gardening

Drought Gardening

As most of Australia finds itself in the grips of a relentless drought, keeping your plants quenched and happy can feel like a non-stop battle. Don’t be a slave to the watering can; here are our tips to help you deal with drought conditions in your garden, so you can continue to enjoy good harvests this season!

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Spring Months Planting Guide

Some areas of the country may still be a little cool so it is best to start your summer veggie seeds in warm areas like on your windowsills. Monthly garden advice for September, October and November

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Summer Months Planting Guide

Summer has finally arrived and it’s time to start reaping the benefits of earlier plantings. The monthly garden advice for December, January and February

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Autumn Months Planting Guide

Now is also a great time to plant an array of flower seeds for a Winter and early Spring colour display. Monthly garden advice for March, April and May

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Winter Months Planting Guide

In warmer regions you can still plant your Spring flowering bulbs however, as the Spring flowering bulb season winds down, it may become more difficult to find these bulbs in stores. Monthly garden advice for June, July and August.

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