Fundraising with plants

July 1, 2021

Fundraising with plants

As seedlings start from something so small and cheap and grow into very valuable plants, they are a great way to fundraise. Lot's of people love to buy already grown plants rather than growing from seed so if you do the work for them, you can then sell them for a healthy profit!

Simply pot up some seeds (or bulbs) and grow them into seedlings or advanced plants then sell them at fetes and stalls. A $4 packet of seeds has the potential to grow tens or hundreds of plants. This is a great fundraiser to do leading up to Mother's Day and heading into Spring.

There's no need to buy plastic pots, you could use old mugs, jars, tins, or even old shoes to add a creative touch to your plants. Hand made tags also add to the rustic feel.

Some of our favourite varieties for potting up to sell are: Herbs, Vegetable garden favourites like Tomatoes, Capsicum, and Cucumber. Flowers such as Sunflowers, Lavender, Sweet Pea's and Bulbs also make great gifts so will fetch a fair price at a garden stall.