Fast Yielding Vegetable Crops

May 31, 2022

Fast Cropping Vegetables


Fast germinating crops don't always result in fast cropping plants. If you are looking for fast cropping plants then salad crops are the answer. Lettuce, Kale, Spinach, Bok choi, and Baby carrots are our top picks. Most of these will be ready to eat 20-30 days after germination.

Other vegetables such as Beetroot and Snow peas can be grown with the leaves being harvestable and eaten prior to the actual vegetable maturing.

If that isn't quick enough, then Microgreens and Sprouts are for you. With harvest in as little as 4 days, these superfoods are by far the quickest edibles you can grow.

Growing conditions need to be taken into account when wanting a fast crop. Setting your seeds up for growing success by sowing into fertile, well-draining soil in a sheltered but sunny position will help them germinate and grow in a timely manner. Regular watering and feeding with a liquid fertiliser will also encourage quick growth. If temperatures are cool, or there is a risk of frost, some varieties will also benefit from being started indoors in the warmth or in a greenhouse. The use of a Heat Pad will allow you to grow many varieties out of season or get a head start on the growing season ahead.

For the ultimate growing solution, you can't go past an Indoor Smart Garden hydroponic system that provides the correct level of light, water, and nutrients to your plants all within a compact benchtop unit. By growing indoors you can grow your favourite dwarf vegetables, herbs, and flowers out of season all year round!

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