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Introducing Véritable® Indoor Garden

Grow aromatic herbs, edible flowers and baby vegetables all year round without any effort with your Véritable® Indoor Garden. Véritable Indoor Gardens use a combination of light and growing medium technologies to provide the perfect growing conditions to ensure quality and plentiful harvests starting from just 4 weeks and lasting 4 to 6 months. It is completely autonomous providing light, irrigation and nutrients to your plants. All you have to do is harvest!

Veritable light


Véritable® LED Technology

From over 2500 tests on 130 different plant species, SAVORYLIGHT™ LED grow lighting was born. SAVORYLIGHT™ LED creates the best wavelengths for optimal plant growth and performance, featuring both blue and white LEDs, chosen for their light intensity, precision and efficacy. The blue wavelengths guarantee a faster plant growth. The white ones activate essential oils and rich flavours. The carefully selected LED lights feature an optical lens that focus the light spectrum on the garden and optimise energy consumption meaning 100% of the LED light shines on the plants.


The built-in timer turns on for 16 hours and off for 8 to mimic a natural day/night cycle for your plants. The twin lighting masts adjust seperately to allow your plants to always receive the best lighting based on their growth stage and variety.


Veritable Lingot

Véritable Lingots®

Véritable Indoor Gardens use 100% natural, ready to use pre-seeded refills (Lingots®) which take all the guess work out of growing your seeds. Each lingot is optimised to the specific seed varieties requirements. PH, humidity, nutrient concentration, root aeration, seed spacing and depth are all controlled by the lingot to ensure you are rewarded with fast germination and a bountiful harvest. The lingots are 100% compostable and biodegradable and contain only organic seeds*, soil and nutrients essential to each plant. They are GMO free and contain no chemicals.


The Lingots flawless capillary irrigation means your plants receive the perfect amount of water to thrive, and paired with the Véritable Indoor Gardens large in-built water tank which holds enough water to last up to 4 weeks means your garden can take care of itself whilst you are away on holidays. Growing really couldn't be any easier!


Watch this Lingot come to life!

Veritable indoor garden benefits

Mr Fothergill's is excited to bring Véritable to our shores allowing Australians the opportunity to grow their own in the most effortless and sophisticated way possible. The range of indoor gardens meets every need. Véritable® can grow 4 Lingots® to feed a family of four. CLASSIC and SMART technologies allow everyone to enjoy their garden according to their lifestyle.

Grow... Harvest... Enjoy... That is all you have to do!

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About Veritable

A leader in indoor urban agriculture, Véritable® is committed to helping consumers eat more plant-based foods and embrace more sustainable food practices. Their mission is to help consumers easily grow fresh and healthy food all year long from the comfort of their own homes.

Backed by Research & Development and expertise in indoor farming, Véritable offers innovative home hydroponic systems that are always in line with evolving space and lifestyle requirements and flavour trends. Véritable's patented, intelligent indoor gardens guarantee consumers the most innovative technology using only the highest quality and sustainable materials.

Their unique technology lets you effortlessly grow aromatic herbs, edible flowers, greens, small fruits and vegetables directly in your kitchen. Perfectly autonomous and intelligent, with a Véritable Indoor Garden it has never been easier to enjoy fresh and healthy produce all year round.


About Veritable Indoor Gardens

*Certified organic seeds depending on the variety.