Giant Sunflower Starter Kit

Botanical Name: Helinathus annuus

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Grow your own giant sunflower garden at home with this all-in-one grow kit! These giant sunflowers can grow over 2 metres tall with blooms the size of dinner plates. You can attract birds into your garden by leaving the wilted flowers on the stem to develop seeds for the birds to feed on.

Kit includes: 4 x Biodegradable pots, Soil pellets, Giant Sunflower Seeds.


Product Specifications
How To Grow
  1. Hydrate your peat pellet with water
  2. Sow your Sunflower seeds 5mm deep
  3. Place in a sunny position
  4. Water when necessary
  5. Once your seedlings reach 8cm tall, plant them pot and all in a sunny spot in the garden
  6. Water them regularly and feed them with liquid fertiliser every 2 weeks


When to Sow/Plant Spring, Summer
Soil Type well drained, sunny position

Our Seed Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with these seeds Mr. Fothergill's will gladly replace them for free. Performance subject to growing conditions.

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