Dahlia Tree Pink (season:Aug-Sep)

Botanical Name: Dahlia imperialis

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These towering giants create a breath taking display in Autumn and early Winter when the rest of the garden is bare. The tall arching stems bear an abundance of blooms.

Plant Height: 3-4m

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How To Grow

Prepare the soil by adding organic matter and compost. Dig in some blood and bone prior to planting. Plant in a moist well drained soil, protected from wind. Provide a stake before planting and tie the plant as it grows. Dahlias tolerate morning or afternoon shade. The long flowering period lasts from early Summer to late Autumn. Dahlias prefer a full sun to part shade position. The long flowering period lasts from Autumn into Winter.

Plant: 15cm deep, 100cm apart in full sun.


When To Plant


Flowering Autumn/Winter
Sow Spring
Soil Type well drained, sunny position
Important Note

Our bulbs are seasonally available at leading garden retailers nationwide. Spring flowering varieties are in peak season February to June, and Summer flowering varieties and produce from June to September. Please contact your nearest garden retailer for availability.

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