Bonsai Starter Kit - Apple Blossom

Botanical Name: Malus micromalus

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Growing Bonsai from seed is a very rewarding experience giving you 100% control from the earliest stages of growth. This bonsai kit comes with everything you need to start growing your very own Bonsai from seed.

Kit includes: 4 x Biodegradable pots, Soil pellets, Dwarf Crabapple Seeds and Growing Manual with comprehensive growing instructions.

Dwarf Crabapple are a deciduous tree and therefore will lose their leaves in the colder months. Their flowers are similar to those of a Cherry Blossom giving you a beautiful show of flowers in Spring.

Product Specifications
How To Grow
  1. Hydrate your peat pellet with water
  2. Sow your Bonsai seeds
  3. Place in a sunny position
  4. Water when necessary

For comprehensive instructions, refer to the instructions booklet included in your kit, or download below.

Download Instruction Booklet

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Apple Blossom Bonsai Growing Tips

Malus micromalus or Dwarf Crabapple is a delightful species of tree that is part of the Rosaceae family, the same as Roses! This deciduous species is used in gardens for the beautiful flowers and is even known to be used for root stock on grafted apple trees. The clusters of pink flower buds produce masses of delicate white flowers in the Spring time and create a striking bonsai specimen.

Originating from cold mountainous regions crab apples have often been used for creating jams and other preserves. The small fruits are quite sour and tart and as a result the trees are commonly used instead for their aesthetic appeal.

Germination tips:

  • Crab Apple seeds benefit from pretreatment prior to sowing. The stratification steps from the Maple tips above can be used for your apple blossom seeds to break the dormancy.
  • As with many bonsai seeds the ideal time of year for sowing is in the Spring and Autumn. Once treated the seed should be sown in stable temperatures of about 18-22°C.
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